About Book Reviews By Alex

Reviews here represent a wide range of books and subjects. I claim no special expertise in any field, but have a smattering of knowledge in several and willing to include books when something captures my attention.

Many, but not all, of the books are recent. Other books are worth a second look and for some, they may be the first look. I wander through subjects and perspectives on those subjects without defined bounds or directions. I am disciplining myself to read thoughtful books I am inclined to disagree with.

Some books are challenging reads on issues of current intellectual, political, economic, scientific, health, sports and adventure perspectives. Still others may be novels, often reflecting and elaborating on current issues and events, but in a colourful and entertaining way. Others may be pure whim as on a book about music.

While I may praise or criticize aspects of a book, I will rarely make blanket judgements. Every reader can do that for him/herself. I generally have grounds to respect the book I am reviewing.

In writing these reviews, the latter part, maybe 80 per cent, is a précis of the material. This is for those more seriously interested in the topic, but not yet convinced to read the book.

Since these reviews have been done over several years the style has evolved employing more organization, detail, and invariably, length. Usually they are now 2,000 to 5,000 words as the precis portion has been expanded. The basic review is completed in about the first 700 words.

Where the book jacket blurbs may be a hint at a book, this may serve as a contemplative overview, short of full immersion.

I have employed general categories to help people find material that interests them. The categories are broad and often will not encompass all the threads of the author.

It is my intention to add about four reviews monthly at the outset.

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